We named it the rapture virus.

Then it killed us.

Ben Gardiner used to be an expert on virtual reality. But the world he knew is gone – and now he’s not even sure about real reality. Heaven and Hell – whatever they are – seem to be strangely closer to the physical world. He’s glimpsed what may as well be Heaven. He doesn’t comprehend it, but it’s worth living for.

When he’s chained to a tree and left to die by a guy playing demon hunter, Ben realizes that the door to Hell might also exist – and someone is trying to pry it wide open.

One thing’s for sure: in a world scourged by the rapture virus, it’s going to take every ounce of his will to live, his puzzle-solving brain, and his courage to survive the endgame.

Endgame is the first book set in Susan Kelly’s Endgame Universe.

The book is post-apocalyptic fiction, but it was entirely fresh. I didn’t find the same old tropes that populate such works. ~ Rob Easton, Amazon 5-star review.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. A captivating story that takes you in and is hard to put down. ~ Anne Sharplin, Amazon 5-star review.

Great read, so much so that I missed a few bus stops. Can’t wait for the next one. ~ Amazon Customer, 5-star review.

The plot dragged me in so that I read this at top speed to see what happens next. I am going to read it again more slowly and enjoy the many beautifully written interludes. ~ Bil, Amazon 5-star review.

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King of the Ruins


He’s hungry for fame. He’s got the voice. But that bitch Fate has a different plan.

Emryss Byrne figures he has a date with destiny. He just needs some money, and he’s on his way. But the rapture virus pandemic traps him in a hospital in Butte, Montana, with a dying President, a junkie nurse, and a team of trigger-happy Secret Service agents. A dead man lays an obligation on Emryss. As the body count inside and outside the hospital soars, Emryss sees a path to greatness like never before.

Trouble is, it will take him where he never wanted to go.

A novella set in the Endgame Universe, King of the Ruins is a tense, dramatic story of moral imperatives and free will in dark times.

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