Welcome to the Endgame Universe

Book One: Endgame. 395 pages.

A story of human loss, survival, and redemption.

They called it the rapture virus.

It killed almost everyone. In the aftermath, gaming entrepreneur Ben Gardiner’s problems—his girl being in love with someone else, his double-crossing business partner, his prototype neural interface headset sending people into a life-threatening trance—vanish. Because now it looks like he and his lead programmer Vincent are the last two guys alive anywhere.

Is this even the same world?

Vincent isn’t bothered. He lives in a world of his own anyway, with that troublesome headset. But Ben is bothered: he’s lost his work, his friends, his family, maybe even his sanity. He drives the silent highways, searching for other survivors. And he finds them:  a guy who’s convinced Ben is a demon, a crazy woman who has cracked open the door to what might as well be Heaven, and the tiny group of survivors in Butte, Montana.

He’s got questions, though: why is he so much better at some things than he was before? What’s up with the feral crazy people who almost—but didn’t quite—die from the Rapture virus? What’s really going on in Butte?

Maybe the demons are real.

The survivors are too busy surviving to notice that world has gone slightly strange. But not too busy to notice that there’s something odd about Ben. Is he Human 2.0, or some creature from Hell? Or just a slightly shell-shocked survivor?

In a world scourged by the Rapture virus, Ben knows one thing for sure: it’s going to take every ounce of his courage, his puzzle-solving brain, and his will to live to survive the Endgame.

Available on Amazon. http://amzn.com/0994941927



One comment on “Welcome to the Endgame Universe
  1. Anne Sharplin says:

    Throughly enjoyed this story.


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